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making suggestions 
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Post making suggestions
hi! I have a problem
I'll teach "why don't we... and what about..."
I'll use a fill-in the dialogue as the first activity

1) Hi Lee! Let's ____ to the beach tomorrow.

A) going
B) go
C) to go

2) No, Let's ____ to the beach tomorrow. It's going to be too cold, Sam.
A) not to go B) go
C) not go

3) Then why ____ go to the movies?

A) don't we B) doesn't we C) we go

4) Good idea Sam! ___ invite Mark to go with us!

A) Why let's to B) Let's
C) Why doesn't she

5) Hi Mark. We're going to the movies tomorrow. Why ___ come with us?
A) don't we B) doesn't he C) don't you

6) The movies? No, I don't want to go to the movies. ____ to a baseball game.
A) Let's go B) Let's to go C) Let's going

7) A baseball game sounds fun! Hey Mark, since you live near the baseball stadium, why ____ pick up the tickets for us? We'll pay you back tomorrow.
A) don't you B) doesn't he C) let's

8) Well, okay, but you have to pay me back. Why ___ get tickets as close to the players as possible?
A) don't they B) don't we C) doesn't he

9) Near the players? No, that's too expensive. ____ buy expensive tickets. We can sit farther away. It's cheaper.
A) Let's not B) Let's
C) Why not

10) I agree with Lee. ____ sit in cheaper seats at the baseball game.
A) Let's not B) Why don't we C) Let's

but I couldn't decide what kind of speaking activity ı should choose
I'm looking for an enkoyable speaking activity
have you ever taught these? could you help me please? :roll:

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Sat Apr 26, 2008 4:59 am

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What I always say for this kind of thing is: let it come from the students.

For example, each student has to think of a suggestion beginning with "Why don't we...?" It really doesn't matter what they come up with, however unusual.

Then the class circulate, with each student finding a partner. Student A makes his/her suggestion. Student B has to respond by saying "Yes, and What about...?" with an add-on suggestion.

Then they reverse roles.

And then they separate, and find another partner to work with.


Sat Apr 26, 2008 7:20 am
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Joined: Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:51 am
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good idea!!
this may be a bit risky I may have difficulty in classroom management but I'll try it. sounds good. thanks..

my heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky...

Sat Apr 26, 2008 8:03 pm
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I did an intro lesson with an intermediate group of students on making suggestions and group cooperation.

I created a simple worksheetsheet, and went over the language with them. It had several different ways to offer suggestions. Then, there were three spots, one for accepting the suggestion, one for indifference, one for rejecting. Each of the three had a few suggestions for language use and everything had a little box to tick beside it.

I put them in groups and told each group to plan a company trip/vacation. In the groups they need to offer suggestions for the place, length of time, itenerary (company sponsored events and any other organized activities.) They'd discuss them and use the sheet. Each time they used on of the statements on the sheet, they'd tick the the box. The goal was to use as many as possible.

In the end, each group presented their plan to the class. Afterwards, each group discussed all of the plans and decided on the one they thought was best. Again, they were supposed to use the language for making, accepting or rejecting suggestions.

It went pretty well and you can change the task to fit the audience. If it's JHS or HS, have them plan a school dance party or something like that.

If it's a children's class have them plan a reward class. What will they do? What do they need to do to get this special class? That will make it real for them, but it should be real. You'll have to have this party, so don't do it if you're not prepared to go through with the final proposal.

That actually sounds like a lot of fun, because you could reject different parts of ideas for them to go back, discuss and change.

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Sun Apr 27, 2008 9:29 am
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