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JOB INTERVIEW - Elementary Lessons
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Author:  jwinter [ Sat Dec 29, 2007 11:32 am ]
Post subject:  JOB INTERVIEW - Elementary Lessons

Most of my experience has been grades 6 through H.S. I wish to interview for elementary positions, and may have to do an interview lesson. I have taught some elementary grades, but was fortunate to have the Into English series textbook to use, and therefore did not have to devise my own lessons. I am seeking lessons that are for each grade 1-6, beginner and intermediate levels, from which I can draw from, for potential interviews. An additional concern is that as I would have just met the students, I would have little information about what they actually were taught prior, in order for me to tailor the lesson. My preference is to use literature or short stories, as they excite the students with the pictures and story lines, and to tie in vocab and grammar. I also try to use creativity and art as part of the lessons. Please let me know of grade
1-6/beginning-intermediate lessons, and also books/short stories/expository text handouts that are exciting, visual, and would fit a standard 45 minute demo time. Thank you!

Author:  Matt Dream [ Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:52 am ]
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Hi, here are some resources I think are good. First of all this website, MES English, has a lot of great material. You could pick a topic, find some flash cards, and maybe even a worksheet to go along. Introduce the students to the vocabulary, and have them do a worksheet. If they are older students, introduce some phrases. For example, if you are teaching clothing, introduce "Put on your hat", or "Do you have a hat?"

Also, I would try to do some writing. Again MES English has some great resources for this. Check out the Phonics link.

For the younger grades, I use songs, and tie that in with the vocabulary. You can check out my site for many topics and lesson plans:

Also, Genki English has great resources for teaching Elementary School children, so definitely have a look there. There are curriculum lesson plan links on the home page:

I know this doesn't answer your question specifically for Grade 1-6 lesson plans, but I hope it helps.

Author:  SiegristRM [ Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:03 pm ]
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The key to elementary is have fun. If you go in there expecting them (1st -3rd) to retain even 50% is too much. They might remember 10% of what you teach. 4th through 6th probably around 50-70%. What you want is fun interactive ways to teach. Warm ups that wake them up. Until around 6th grade, the focus isnt usually there with all classes, and you will have to teach them. Also, in the first few weeks there, get a feel for how much they know, and then raise it. I only say that, cuz what they show you they know (they arent comfortable with you yet) is really less than they know. I came to my school thinking my 6th graders knew as much as the first graders... only to find out that my 6th graders are English geniuses. You have to be loud, and exciting. Also, when thinking of ideas, just think of game shows youve seen, kids games you played, etc. All my grades love Heads up 7 up :P (a hint of something to think about playing). Just make sure you dont get too serious, relax, and make sure you have a special way to quiet them down (low attention spans).

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