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Finishing Classes 
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Post Finishing Classes
Okay, over the years I've honed my warm-up the classes and game technician skills. I've even come up with a great point system! I'm becoming a full on powerhouse in the classroom.

BUT, for the life of me, I can't finish my classes with a truphiant resounding gong of a finish! This would be my weakest area when it comes to teaching in the classroom.

Whether it be poor time management or something else, I can't count the number of times the class has just kinda fizzled at the end.

Help me out peeps! Any great suggestions?

Thu Sep 06, 2007 6:09 pm
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At my English school, I end every class with a review of everything we did that day. Classes that have been coming for a long time, add to the summary as I appear to forget what we did next.

It takesjust a minute or two but serves to conclude the class and remind students of ... what we did today. I end the summary with a homework reminder (if there is homework) and a wave to 'Good-bye. See ya next week.'

Mark: OK, great job today everybody. Wow! We did a lot of things today. We reviewed with some cards, talked about what we can and can't do. Can you run faster than a lion?
Ss: No!
Mark: Next we had a race to see how many cards you could explain in 30 seconds, right? How many did you get through today?
Ss: 4! 5! 6!
Mark: Nice. Then we did a little reading and phonics. What was/were the letter/combinations today?
Ss: AR and ER.
Mark: Right! /ar/ and /er/ and we read a page in [reader] And we just learned about some things you do at recess. Who won at bingo this week? *hands go up* Cool! Great day everybody! Ok we're finished. Sit up. *wait till everyones read* Good-bye. See ya next week.

Now that I actually write it all out, it seems a little boring, but it works. The 'clock watchers' are relieved when they hear the start of it and the others understand that things are coming to a close. Hopefully, it also sticks a little and if their parents ask them what they did today, they don't simply say, 'We played bingo!'

When I'm at elementary schools with large classes, it gets pretty crazy. I get the kids in a pretty good frenzy near the end. My exit is pretty short and sweet, kind of like ripping off a bandaid. 'That's it for today everybody. Stand up.* I hope you had a good time and learned a lot. Good-bye.' Then I'm out the door before a small mob starts asking me to draw them pictures :D

* Students always stand and bow to the teacher at the end of lessons. I don't have them bow but just wave and they wave back.

I guess you could high-five everybody :-D Like a victory lap! :smt080

Build up! Be positive! Teach hard!

Thu Sep 06, 2007 10:29 pm
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hhhmmm good post Mark

It takesjust a minute or two but serves to conclude the class and remind students of ... what we did today. I end the summary with a homework reminder (if there is homework) and a wave to 'Good-bye. See ya next week.'

Yes, I agree, I always try to finish a class with a review of the main point(s) .... even if its rushed.

Fri Sep 07, 2007 5:26 pm

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At elementary schools I like to end my classes with a book -and if at all possible, one that covers some part of the English we've learned that day. That way the students can sit (and hopefully calm down) from the days activities, and they are given a chance to recognize the English they've learned and/or already know. It's also a good chance for the homeroom teacher (or you, if you are the evaluator) to see which students are actually recognizing the English they should know by observing their reactions to the story or vocab.

At Junior High I like to get them involved in an activity (preferably interactive) right at the end, and then just when they're having fun with it, I end the class. That way it leaves them wanting to continue with the activity, which I'll do for warm up with them in the next class - and as a bonus (to me) many of them will usually carry on with the activity after class.

Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:16 am

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I pretty much do what mark does at the end of Elementary class, as to not get ran over by a mob of students. However, we end the class the traditional Japanese way, only, we use English. I do like to end the class with excitement though. My games are always last, and depending on the mood, Ill play a game that slows them down (Heads up 7 up), or a song that gets them excited (Hokey Pokey). Usually the bell rings before we are done (clocks are off, I swear), but we hurriedly close the class. Also, I introduced English Passports to all my students 3rd - 6th, and we always finish the class with them filling it out.

Thu Sep 13, 2007 10:50 am
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