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Ideas to teach ESL learners of elemntary school
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Author:  jennprincipesa [ Tue Aug 21, 2007 8:18 am ]
Post subject:  Ideas to teach ESL learners of elemntary school

Hi! I will be teaching English to 6 year-old students in Mexico but I have no experience. Any suggestions about the topics I should include? thanks :?

Author:  marele [ Tue Aug 21, 2007 7:04 pm ]
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well, there are plenty of ideas around the forum and the web, but I'll try to give you some as I teach 6 years old, too.
First, you need to know if it is their first contact with English, because if not, they probably know some colours, some numbers...
I normally use a story. I explain a repetitive story with not much new vocabulary in it and using a lot of gestures, so they can understand it. I use pictures for the characters and the new vocabulary, too. From here, we practice the new vocabulary: I show them a flashcard, say the name in English and they repeat it. Later on we use the same vocabulary in games. I explain the story three or four times, normally once a week while the lesson is on. They don't get bored of it, don't worry.
I give them a worksheet or two, too, normally with the things on the flashcards for them to colour.
The type of story I use is this:
- Elephant wants to play football. He goes to see Snail. -Do you want to play football with me, Snail? - No, Elephant, I'm listening to the radio. See my radio. I like my radio. Then Elephant goes to see Cat. -So you want to play football with me, Cat? -No, Elephant, I'm skating. See my roller skates. I like my roller skates. Then Elephant goes to see Dog. -Do you want to play football with me, Dog?......
you see how the story is. At the end I always make the Elephant do something "bad", funny... In this case, for example, he could cry because no one wants to play with him. Then, of course, eveybody goes with Elephant and help him.

I hope this helps you.

Oh, about the vocabulary... try to do complete sentences with the words you want to practice. The vocabulary I normally teach is:
- numbers to 10.
- some colours
- 5 toys
- 5 parts of the body
- 5 animals
- 5 actions
- 5 things of the classroom
- 5 places related to the kids: playground, school, home...

Author:  jennprincipesa [ Wed Aug 22, 2007 4:32 am ]
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thanks for your help!!
You have very creative ideas.

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