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Examples of innovation in EFL Kindergarten teaching 
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Post Examples of innovation in EFL Kindergarten teaching
Hello everyone

This is my first post here. Thank you Mark for all of the wonderful resources (and podcasts) and to others for their contribution to the forums.

I'm a relatively new EFL teacher. In a short amount of time, I've been deeply inspired by teaching English to very young learners / young learners. I want to begin creating my own course, and hopefully, a school. My aim is to create something world class because I see no point in thinking small :) Most (if not all) of the schools I've taught at/seen are all about money, I want to create something that's all about kids and a shared love of learning.

In recent weeks I've been looking for examples of innovative thinking in the EFL kindergarten space. Unfortunately, and despite a lot of research, I can't really find any... all of the books, authors, websites seem to follow the same paradigm of thinking.

Hence, I'm posting here, hoping that someone with more experience and knowledge than me might be able to lead me in the right direction.

I would be very grateful if anybody could point me to examples of innovative thinking in EFL Kindergarten: any books, authors, websites, etc.

In particular, I would love to find any examples of actual EFL Kindergartens / Language schools that I could look at.

And, I'm wondering if there's any innovation in EFL material and teaching methods for the 3-5 year old level.

Again, from what I see, even across countries, the methods are pretty much the same.

I'm not expecting people to post lists and lists of resources, because my sense is that nearly all of available resources (there isn't a lot of books, for example) fall within the same paradigm of thinking. I'm looking, for example, for things / people that are fundamentally different to what's currently available, like Montessori is for regular pre-school education.

I'm mindful that I'm new in this forum/community, and so I haven't 'paid my dues' here. However, I promise to pay it forward (in this or other communities) or to share with others what I find.

Thanks in advance for your help, all replies are welcomed.

Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:29 am

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Post Re: Examples of innovation in EFL Kindergarten teaching
not really sure what you mean exactly by "innovation" ?
some of the best advice I have had was, something along these lines
what kind of lesson did you like as a kid?
or Think like a kid, make it fun
esp at this young age level, keep it fun and have lots of moving and games and songs
and another thing I have found that works wonders is ... sort of acting like a clown sometimes
making jokes, having fun, playing with the kids
for example deliberately make a mistake like in the Heads and Shoulders song
by touching the wrong place (instead of toes you touch your head etc)

Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:07 pm
Post Re: Examples of innovation in EFL Kindergarten teaching
Many thanks for your reply. I'm looking for schools that do something different... From what I see books and schools and classes seem to be taught pretty much same world over at most levels including kindergarten. I know how to do a standard EFL Kindergarten lesson... But I'm looking for something (maybe totally) different in the approach. Someone pointed me to a kindergarten school in Taiwan which I'm hoping to take a look at... But I was hoping to find more. I have looked at a lot of kindergarten EFL textbooks, and they all look to follow the same kind of formula. All of this doesn’t surprise me, but I am hoping that I can find a few clues to perhaps another approach.

Thanks again, for taking the time to reply to me.

Fri Apr 06, 2018 5:12 pm
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