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Bear has an Accident 
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Post Bear has an Accident
This story uses a lot of the vocabulary from MES Curriculum Unit 1, plus a few other things, and I wrote it for an audience of young learners (grades 1 -3). My thoughts on how to use it can be found at the end of the story.

Bear has an Accident

Brown Bear has an orange jeep. When he is happy, he drives very fast. Today he is very happy and is driving very fast. He drives very fast past the town square. He drives very fast into a traffic circle. Uh-oh, here comes a big yellow bus. Penguin is driving the yellow bus. It is full of animals. Oh no, the yellow bus is so big it is in Bear’s way. But Bear is driving too fast! He can’t turn left and he can’t turn right and he can’t go back and he can’t stop! Oh no! What next?

The jeep smashes into the bus. The bus falls down on its side. Bear jumps out of the jeep, his foot in his hand. “My toe, my toe!”
Penguin climbs out of the bus. He is angry. He shakes his finger at bear. “You were driving too fast!”
Here comes the red fire truck. Here comes the white ambulance. Here comes the blue and white police car.
The firefighters, who are all black gorillas, jump out of the fire truck and run to the bus. They help the animals out of the bus.
The doctor jumps out of the ambulance. The doctor is a green frog.

“How are you?” Frog asks each animal.
Cow hurt her back. Elephant hurt his shoulders. Rabbit hurt his ears. But Panda sits on the ground and doesn’t say anything.
“How are you?” Frog asks Panda.
“I don’t know,” says Panda. “My head hurts.”
“Let’s see,” says Frog. “Can you swing your arms?”
Panda swings his arms.
“Good. Can you turn around?”
Panda turns around.
“Can you clap your hands?”
Panda claps his hands.
“Can you count from 10 to 1?”
“10, 9, 8…..[etc.].”
“You are fine,” says Frog.

Frog sees hippo standing in the traffic circle. “How are you?”
“I am fine,” says hippo. “I wasn’t on the bus. I was flying my UFO when it happened. Can I help you?”
WOW, there’s really a UFO in the town square! It looks amazing. It is a big purple oval with pink diamonds on it. Instead of wheels, it sits on five blue triangles. A taxi stops. A motorcycle stops. A racecar stops. Cars, vans, jeeps, a train, and even a helicopter stop to look at the UFO.

All the hurt animals get on hippo’s UFO and fly to the hospital where they get Band-aids, cough syrup, water, pineapples, French fries and ice cream [Make up this list as you like and as your group would enjoy/understand.] The gorillas get back in the fire truck and drive away. Frog gets back in the ambulance and drives away.
Now the police officer walks up to Bear. The police officer is a Lion. He gives Bear a paper rectangle. It is a ticket. No more orange jeep for Bear! Bear will have to ride a bicycle instead.

So far I have read this story once with a group of first and second graders after they learned shapes and colors, animals1, body parts and vehicles. First I handed out the flashcards with the words that occur in the story. Each student had about six cards or so. I told them to listen for the words for the cards they had and raise that card. I also told them touch the body parts they heard and do any actions they understood. This was quite simple and they enjoyed it. I am not sure how much of the story they understood however.

Next time, or with the next group I will read the story in shorter sections . I put some spaces in the stories to indicate where I would stop and ask comprehension questions (What color is bear's jeep? Is the doctor a gorilla? etc.), reread it and act things out to help them understand before going on. I might go through the whole story like that or just do one or two sections per class, and review and add on more over a few classes.

Another idea would be to tell the students to listen for words from each category (colors, shapes, animals, transportation/vehicles, body parts, feelings) and whenever they hear them to shout out that category name. Or instead of just naming the category they can do other things. Every time they hear a color they can say “Ooooh, pretty!” Feelings: repeat the feeling three times (happy, happy, happy; angry, angry, angry) making an appropriate face. Every animal – stand up, make one animal noise, sit down. Vehicles: turn an imaginary steering wheel; maybe make a motor sound. This is most likely to get things completely out of hand, but if they know the story well it might be worth it to let them just go wild for the end of classs....maybe...

There are many other possible variations. The categories could be assigned to sections of the class, with each having fixed speaking or action parts to stand up and perform when their category is named. (I got this idea from my summer camp years, when we'd do something like this for classic fairy tales during campfire.)

I will definitely try some or all of these things and report back on how they go.

Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:17 am

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Post Re: Bear has an Accident
How old were the children you read this too as i would love it for one of my classes but i think they may be a bit to young for it yet but it is a great story i love the use of all the different vocabulary sets in just one simple story for children

Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:28 pm

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Post Re: Bear has an Accident
Hi Amy,
I read the story to a group of kids aged 6 - 7. There were 8 kids in the group. I also have preschool groups but they wouldn't understand the story unless I drew some simple pictures to help them. If you like to draw...or maybe even use the flashcards to dramatize the story (you know, taking the bear card and putting it on the jeep card and showing him driving the jeep; putting various animal cards on top of the bus card and having the two crash into each other), it might also work. If you told the story more than once the students could take over the actions and even change the story a little each time.

Having said that, if your kids do know all the vocabulary they might just enjoy listening for "their" card to be mentioned so they can flash it. I don't know how much my group really understood the story. They said they did "a little bit" but I wasn't able to follow-up and now I won't see them again until after Easter break. But I might try the dramatization with the help of the cards myself!

Wed Mar 28, 2012 3:41 am

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Post Re: Bear has an Accident
Great story. We cover all this vocab in our 3rd grade curriculum, so when we finish transport I am going to use this story.

Very creative.

I will probably make some kind of worksheet to go with it too.


Wed Mar 28, 2012 8:17 am
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Post Re: Bear has an Accident
What a fantastic story! I like this cross topic idea.

I generally read the same stories over and over again. Younger students (under7-8) don't mind hearing the same story or reading the same book over and over again. The repetition is great for them and they may internalize some of the sentences.

For older students you could have them read along with the story. They could make a story board, drawing the different scenes over several frames. You could also have them act out the story in groups.

Thanks for taking the time to write and post the story!

Build up! Be positive! Teach hard!

Wed Mar 28, 2012 9:41 am
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Post Re: Bear has an Accident
Thanks for the tip the little boy i had in mind is 5 years old and the flashcards idea will really help him understand

Mon Apr 02, 2012 10:20 pm

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Post Re: Bear has an Accident
I used a slightly modified version of this story today with my 3rd grade (8 years old) students. They are on their first year of studying English but have covered most of the topics used.

The students really liked the story. I made an animated ppt version so it was easy for them to understand and then gave them a quiz about the story. The whole thing took about 20 minutes.

I am happy to share the ppt but there doesn't seem to be a way to put it on this site.

Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:01 pm
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