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soccer game twist
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Author:  Azza [ Tue Jan 30, 2007 8:07 am ]
Post subject:  soccer game twist

the soccer game is an oldy but a goldy. i play with the same rules as outlined on this mes-english website, however when a team gets to the final line before the goal, each member of that team gets to have a penalty kick at a mini soccer goal set i purchased. everyone has to use their left foot and if everyone gets a goal, 1 point is awarded to that team. if someone misses, the ball is put back in the middle and play restarts. kids love to be active and this penalty kick rewards them. another alternative is to have shoot cards and goalie cards. when a team gets to the final line before the goal they turn over a shoot card (it says kick to the left or kick to the middle or kick to the right). the defending team then turns over a goalie card (it says dive to the left, stay in the middle, dive to the right). if the shoot and goalie cards show the same direction (ie kick left and dive left) then the goalie has made a save and no point is awarded. if the cards show different directions, then obviously the goalie missed the ball and a goal is scored. kids love it when things have an element of suprise involved. (perhaps if this interests you mark, you can use your fantastic illustrations to create cards for these).

help needed! my kids want to use yellow and red cards in this game, but i dont really know how to incorporate them. can anyone provide any suggestions?

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