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Christmas vocab extention
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Author:  itakitez [ Wed Dec 20, 2006 9:52 am ]
Post subject:  Christmas vocab extention


here's a little idea to extend the xmas vocab (i have to thank my ma for this idea but Ill share it with y'all)

instead of doing the 12 days of xmas I changed it to the 10 days to fit it into a 40 minutes lesson - after spending a previous lesson on the vocab so that 80% of the Ss can name 80% of the cards, I then taught them the following song (to the tuneof 12 days of xmas - if you want to tune, click this link


and here goes

On the first day of christmas my mummy gave to me...

...a fairy for my christmas tree

2 snowmen
3 stockings
4 candy canes
5 gold bells!!!!
6 reindeer running
7 sleighs sleighing (or sliding)
8 elves eating
9 lights lighting
10 teddies toying

I have tried to keep the alliteration of the original, which creates some challenging sounds - lights lighting...

A lesson would go liek this

0. set up FC blank side facing ss in order with the numbers 1-10 next to them, and have the opening line on the board
1. intro xmas theme, review vocab (identify problems esp stocking ==> big socks is OK) finish with presents... imagine having 10 days of xmas, what would happen.. 10 days of presents!
2. drill on the ___ day of xmas...
3. what goes in the sapce? - on the one day?
4. count up numbers 1-10... then drill TH production, before going back down numbers - 10th 9th.... they get the hang of it the... threeth!!!! tooth!!! Oneth!!! drill correct and then start On the first
5. what did your mummy give you?
Have ss guess the FC (then fill in extra words, who's tree?... 5 ___bells.. what colour are they...)
6. then 2nd day... repeat above... snowman... how many just one? 2! 2 snowmen and a fairy for my xmas tree

I normally have I say you say... where I say a line and they repeat it until I get to 5 gold bells, we pause on this, I clean up the pronunciation (esp 1st-3rd) and then we sing this section together as we count down each number

then to finish I get them to repeat the fairy for my xmas tree twice hold it and cut off, they enjoy it and it fits a performance easily =P :mrgreen:

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