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There are cards included in each large flash card download for the senses and one blank flash card for you to paste or draw in something if you wish.  All of the small game cards are backed the same so you can use them all together if you'd like.  You must first login to be able to download these.

It looks ...

cool, itchy, silly, fun/like fun, bored, angry, heavy, painful, busy, difficult, simple, crowded, cute, good/delicious, dangerous, like an elephant, like a butterfly, scary, too big, (see)

 large flash cardssmall game cards, a handout

It sounds ...

cool, funny, beautiful, dangerous, hard, easy, boring, exciting, fun/like fun, nice, scary, interesting, terrible, (hear)

 large flash cardssmall game cards, a handout

It feels ...

soft, hard, wet, slippery, cold, cool, sticky, warm, hot, rough, smooth, sharp, squishy, gooey, (feel)

 large flash cardssmall game cards, a handout

It smells ...

bad, good, rotten, like flowers, like pine trees, like apples, (smell)

 large flash cardssmall game cards, a handout

It tastes ...

spicy, salty, sweet, bitter, sour, good, bad, (taste)

 large flash cards, small game cards, a handout

These cards also introduce the the concepts of 'too' and 'like' as a simile.  I'll be adding game cards, bingo cards and maybe some other things to use with these cards.

I also use these cards to help the students express spontaneous thoughts and try to keep them from speaking L1.  I think if you teach these you'll see that it really does help the students express themselves.


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