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adjectives 1 worksheets:


strong, weak. tall, short, slow, fast, heavy, light, pretty, ugly, boring, fun, big, small

spaghetti string worksheets: there are pictures on the left and the words on the right.  Students connect the pictures to the words and then trace the words.  There are 2 versions; one with the words written out in dot form to be traced and a second with some of the letters missing for the students to think about and fill in.


spelling worksheets

: there are pictures on the left and three spaces on the right for students to write the words.  There are three versions of this worksheet.  The first page has the words in dotted form to be traced three times.  The second has the word once in dot form to be traced then written two more times.  The third simply has 3 blanks to write the words in.


word searches

:  there are 3 versions with 2 different puzzles for each version.  The first version has the words written out at the bottom for students to look for in the puzzle.  The second version has just the pictures and the students have to find the words in the puzzle.  The third has pictures and a place for students to write the words after they find them.


Space Evaders board game: There are two versions of this game; one has just the pictures and a second has just the words.  Students can travel around the board talking about the item, simply saying the English word, reading the word and then using it in a sentence, and more.  It's up to you.


free writing

: there are two pages with pictures and two blank lines for students to write anything they can about each picture.  It can be as simple as 'I like ...' and 'This is ...' on up.


adjectives 2 worksheets:

vocabulary: full, empty, high, low, wet, dry, close, far, long, short, new, old, easy, hard, dark, light, clean, dirty

spaghetti string worksheets

spelling worksheets

word searches

Honeycomb Challenge board game

free writing 

Flashcards to match these worksheets:

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